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Our Philosophy

To consistently deliver quality education and care. At Learning Jungle School, we recognize that building the necessary skills and educational foundation early in a child's life is critical as it sets the stage for all the years to follow. We believe that:

1   Children learn best through developmentally appropriate programs,
2   Parent involvement is important to the child’s development, and
3   The child’s progress should be measurable.

With these points in mind, Learning Jungle School is committed to providing a positive learning environment for your child that will enhance their individual level of development.

Parent Involvement

With the demands today for both parents to work, here at Learning Jungle School we strive to ensure that you as a parent can still be involved in your child’s development. From daily communications with your child’s teacher to providing you with online access to your child’s portfolio and report cards, you are given the opportunity to help reinforce your child’s learning at home and never miss out on those very special moments.

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See how parents get involved in a Learning Jungle School.

Learning Environment

In the classroom and on the playground, age-appropriate concepts are integrated into all aspects of play. Through these play experiences and with the guidance of our professionally trained staff, your child will be exposed to situations that will stimulate and nurture:

1   Curiosity, initiative and independence
2   Self-esteem and decision making
3   Interaction with and respect for others
4   Gross motor skills
5   Fine motor development
6   Communication skills

Multiple Intelligences

At Learning Jungle School we believe that early childhood intelligence does not just exhibit itself in the score on a test. We believe in a system of eight criteria through which all potential skills, talents, and mental capacities have to pass before they are determined to be true human intelligence.

Our teachers therefore, develop their programs that enhance the eight criteria below.

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Word Smart the capacity to use words effectively
Number Smart the capacity to use numbers effectively
Picture Smart the capacity to visualize and graphically represent visual or special ideas
Body Smart the ability to use one's whole body to skilfully express ideas and feelings
Music Smart the capacity to recognize tonal patterns and sensitivity to rhythm and beats
Nature Smart the ability to discriminate among living things
People Smart the ability to perceive and make distinctions in the moods, intentions, motivations, and feelings of other people
Self Smart have an accurate picture of oneself– strengths and limitations; awareness of inner moods, intentions, motivations, temperaments and desires

Parent Testimonial

"I am writing to you today to thank you for the wonderful changes we are seeing in our son, Dhruv who joined Learning Jungle School – Cooksville Campus in the first week of October. We have been quite strict about talking to our son in our mother tongue till he was two, and as a result he didn't know much English when he came to Canada. And I'm really happy to say that in the past five months his English has improved leaps and bounds!

The other thing I have to commend about is how fast he got toilet trained in school. I guess with the extra help from teachers and the peer influence he was toilet trained in less than three months. And since then we had bid goodbye to diapers!

There has been an improvement in his social behaviour, his manners and mannerisms. I would say Learning Jungle School had a major part to play as he spent six of his waking hours there, five days a week!

It would be very ungrateful of me not to mention the role of his teachers in his development! I've been in touch with Ms. Jeanine from even before I landed in Canada. She was very friendly, warm and helpful on the phone and answered my never-ending queries. She definitely was the voice of Learning Jungle - Cooksville Campus way before I got here! She has been instrumental in his progress. Dhruv loves Ms. Jane who's very friendly and warm. Ms. Justine, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Lucia have been equally wonderful as well. All the staff are quick with a smile and a friendly hello, which I feel is very important.

I'm sure I must be echoing the thoughts of many parents in Learning Jungle Schools elsewhere too... I just wanted you to know how I felt and thank you for the excellent job you have been doing! I only wish that Dhruv has an opportunity to spend more time in Learning Jungle. I actually have to pull him away from his friends, toys and teachers at 3pm!

Thank you once again!"

-- Aparna & Murali